Spiral wound gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gasketsSpiral wound Gaskets

Type C        
Basic construction style. Suitable for tongue  
and groove, male and female or flat face  
and recess flanges.      
Type C/IR    
Identical to the Type C but fitted with the
protective inner ring which gives high
pressure and temperature capabilities with
improved sealing performance. Used on
male and female flanges.  



Type SG        
As Type C but fitted with an external ring  
which accurately centralises the sealing  
element. In addition the ring provides extra  
radial strength and acts as a compression  
stop. Generally used on raised face and flat
face flanges.Type      
Type SG/IR      
Identical to the Type SG but also fitted with
an inner ring to prevent damage to the  
gasket bore and inner windings. It also acts  
as a heat shield and corrosion barrier and  
improves recovery characteristics and  
sealing performance.      




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